Precious Little Animal

Precious Little Animal is a one-player game about noticing the good things in your life, and sharing them with an imaginary animal friend.

Play for 15-30 minutes, at the end of each day, for seven days.

In Precious Little Animal, you’ll take a few minutes at the end of the day to reflect on what happened that day: what you did, what you’ll remember, and what you enjoyed. At the same time, you’ll be writing a story about a cute little animal. You’ll take a few things that happened to you each day, and have them happen to your animal, too.

Make a little animal friend.

On the first day, you’ll write about (or draw!) a little animal. On each day you’re playing, you’ll write down three good things that happened that day. Then you’ll figure out how those things happened to your animal. Maybe your call with a friend was a visit from a friendly Raccoon. Maybe your hour of uninterrupted work time was their quiet hour in the vegetable garden. Maybe your moment of noticing just how blue and clear the sky can be happened just the same way to them.

Your journal of your own life will also be a record of theirs.

In my experience, this practice of writing three good things has become more difficult during times of intense suffering and uncertainty – but also more vital and more satisfying. I hope that through this simple week of journaling, players will share my experience of being more attuned to moments of contentment, and find simple joys glittering and urgent like shards of glass in the dirt.

Praise for the Game:

“I had a lovely video call with 3 friends, and she had an owl, a hedgehog and a snake over for tea. I had a quiet night, and the mouse stargazed and wished on a shooting star. Precious Little animal helped me see goodness in my own life that I otherwise may have skipped over or forgotten.” – Jenn Martin, game designer, and Production Manager for Bully Pulpit Games

“Precious Little Animal has been my treasured nighttime companion for the last week. Each night I get a chance to not only reflect on what I’m grateful for, but also to see those things through the lens of my animal, both interrogating and expanding on the source of my joy.” – Sean Nittner, game designer, Big Bad Con organizer, Actual Play host, and project director for Evil Hat Productions

“There is something unquestionably wholesome and cozy about searching for the good things in your life with the aid of an an adorable animal avatar. I recommend taking the time to introduce yourselves to them and seeing your good fortune through their eyes.” – Colin Young, playtester

“Playing this game was a gentle, consistent reminder to be sincere with myself.” –  Sandbank Diner, playtester

“I felt really happy after playing.” – baimo, playtester


This game comes with 3 PDF files: one you can print and assemble at home, one optimized for viewing on screens, and one text-only PDF optimized for use with screen reader software (to assist players who are Blind or have low vision).

This product is priced at $8.00


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