The Dancer Class Preview

A martial support class that employs special dance moves, called Flares, and the power to envigorate their allies by granting additional actions. This class plays very heavily with the action economy to help get the entire party moving! 


As a knight swings wide trying to strike the frothing maw of a displacer beast, a tiefling moves across the cave in a display of confidence and beauty. The mere sight of her envigorates the knight with an inner fire, who musters the strength to raise their sword up once more. The beast’s deafening roar is silenced, as the blade is plunged deep past its fangs, seconds before those same fangs would have buried themselves within the knight’s neck.

An archmage opens his flame-wreathed hands, sending bolts of fire directly towards the party. Interceeding, a human guides the flames through the air, flinging them back at the archmage, giving him a taste of his own medicine.
Throwing all of his weight at the bandits, a dwarf slams against the leader and hurls them into a wall while bringing his elbow up into the gut of a subbordinate, pummeling them both with a brutish fluidity and grace.

Preservers and pioneers of dance traditions, dancers are practitioners of the alluring and, at times, distracting art of dance. They have a remarkable flair for drawing the attention of others, allowing these awe-inspiring muses to turn the tide of any engagement.

Baskers of Limelight

Anything created that illicits an emotional response can be considered art. Writers pen the story, musicians compose the song, painters color the landscape, but dancers simply dance. It is the only artform in which the performer is the entirety of the artistic medium, putting themselves on display for their passion. They are mavens of distraction, for no person is truly more at-home as the center of attention than a dancer.

Captivating their audience with their enthusiasm, grace, and force of personality, dancers use dazzling flares on the battlefield to support their allies, and distract their foes.

Flair and Panache

Drawing the comparison between a bard and a dancer is inevitable; but the two are compliments, not competitors. While bards actualize their magic by performing or reciting tones of power, the dancer uses beautiful dance flares to externalize and influence emotion. The two work separately, yet cohessively, for a bard’s music decorates time and the dancer’s beauty decorates space. Anyone can dance, but few can claim to have gone through the practice, study, then application of this artform that makes one a dancer.

The Dancer Class (Full Version)

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