Trash Planet Epsilon 5

Trash Planet Epsilon 5 is a cyberjunk space hack of Chris McDowall’s Electric Bastionland.

The rules-lite RPG system enables play to begin almost immediately, and this adventure makes a great one-shot or starter for a longer sci-fi campaign.

What is this?

A trash planet. A sphere of coagulated space junk. Layers upon layers of generational garbage piled up on itself thousands of times over. Rumours run wild around the nearby sectors and beyond that invaluable treasures lie beneath the trash heaps of Epsilon 5.

For game runners this is a mini-setting, intended for a one-shot adventure or mini-campaign, driven by desperate characters escaping a tragic past. 

In this 28 page zine are:

  • 9 Cyberpunk Character Packages to get your game going fast while providing players with just enough juice.
  • Hacked Electric Bastionland/Into the Odd rules re-organised and expanded for a cyberjunk setting.
  • 36 Cybernetic Limbs to find, buy or hack off of Neo-Liches. 
  • 24 Locations to explore beneath the trash heaps of Epsilon 5.
  • 18 Creatures to encounter and hopefully survive. 
  • 18 Treasures to hunt down and drag back to pay off your debt with.
  • At the table exploration generation system that reduces prep and ensures a unique adventure every time you run it.

Physical Edition

Physical zines are printed by Swordfish Islands of Hot Springs Islands fame. Your purchase of a physical zine comes with the digital edition too. 

This product is priced at $5.00


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