Kobold Stack

Small, light, largely weak, but when they work together they can be a mighty force – or at least a moderate force. The humble kobold on their own can be powerful of course, as kobold adventurers have proven time and time again, but they are the exceptions. Many Kobolds have to rely even more on teamwork than they already do, and when these kobolds go out into the world, they form a kobold stack.

Kobold stacks are a group of three kobolds who have decided that they have had enough of living in caves or as the minions of cults or dragons and have decided to strike out on their own. Individually, they aren’t remotely strong enough to survive, but together, they are the equal of exactly one adventurer!

The Kobold Stack is a brand new character option compatible with the 5th edition of Dungeons & Dragons. It is perfect for those of you who have ever dreamed of playing as three gremlins in a trenchcoat. 

A Racial Option by David Hardie

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