Our Time on Earth

Pretend to be aliens, visiting Earth for a limited time, who are not totally prepared for the strangeness and beauty of their temporary home.

Our Time on Earth is played via text messages with a faraway friend. 

Play lasts for six days, six weeks, or six months. You can interact with the game as much or as little as you like over that time. 

Everyone feels like an alien, sometimes. It’s nice to share that feeling with someone else.

Now includes a Korean language version, produced in collaboration with Dayspring Games!

<우리가 지구에서 보내는 시간> 한국어판도 포함되어 있습니다.

I am indebted to my creative and thoughtful playtesters: Jessica Kuczynski, Randy Lubin, Ellen Rockett, Jacqueline Marie Bryk, Rob Abrazado, Sarah Eli Judd, Alex Sisk, Melissa Taylor-Gates, Raph D’Amico, Eva Bertalan, Jenn Martin, and Sarah Jane Murdock. Layout kindly provided by Jason Morningstar.

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