City Maps 10

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This month we’ve got a whole stash of city maps for you again! This time around we’ve got a lot of interiors mostly, starting with the main map. Since this district is meant to be cleaner, that’s reflected in the slight different interior aesthetics. 

In the northeast section of the map are several parlors, shops, private homes, and a small overgrown home. There’s also a meetinghouse in the northeast side, where the literati or rebels of the town might gather.

Included in this set is a city watch map: a combination of the local barracks and the county jail in this one. It’s split in half, with the yard constituting its own map as well. We’ll be remaking this one later on too to make a smaller jail-watch combo for smaller adventures. We’ll be releasing A3 interiors again next batch, so there’s smaller, cosier content, and this one will make a reappearance then!

And we couldn’t resist a sieged variant for this one! The top side houses the guards’ quarters to the east and the cells are in the west:

The south wing has got the yard for drills, and the inevitable prison-escape scenario too! Why, the forests, are just a convenient wall away!

And that’s all for this batch, stay tuned for the next set!


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