City Maps 12

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Finally, we’re on the last batch of this month’s update! 

We’ve got the eastern sections of the main map in this one, with a church located in the northeastern corner, as well as some more guard posts overlooking a fancy parlor. 

To the south is a curiousity-and-antiques dealer, with the parlor’s kitchen right beside it, as well as a small scriptorium. With multiple entries and an interesting inventory like that though…

For the extra maps for this set, we’ve got several queued up! First up is the blacksmith’s workshop, a three-part shop with quarters for the apprentices, and markets all around it.

In this set also is the theater. It’s larger than the usual maps, with ample amphiteater seating, a small sandpit for athletics, and a raised stage for oratories as well. Or perhaps a semi-circular arena for those with bloodier tastes?

Finally, there’s also an opera interior in this one! It’s a straightforward Regency-style theater with plenty of boxes, and naturally: theatrical variants full of murders and dark summonings, as one does when one goes to the opera. The way this one is structured looks odd when printed, and is available only in the online versions since a full half of the map itself is perspective and aesthetics.

And that’s all for this set! We’ll be wrapping up the theme with one last update (hopefully) so next month should have all the rest of our work for this theme dropping before we change areas!


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