Evermelt – Fantasy Grounds

At the base of the reghed glacier lies a site sacred to the tribal people of Icewind Dale. Evermelt is an oasis of warmth surrounded by frozen tundra. Many years have passed since the Tribe of the Elk was last able to access this special place. Since the start of the Everlasting Rime, Evermelt has been haunted by the ghosts of the past. Can the heroes reclaim Evermelt or will they join the ranks of the frozen dead?

A Rime of the Frostmaiden Adventure

As the party is heading to the Reghed Glacier and the Caves of Hunger in Icewind Dale: Rime of the Frostmaiden (pg. 215), the party is approached by members of the Tribe of the Elk. The book offers the explanation that Mjenir, the shaman of the Elk Tribe, experienced a vision of the party, allowing them to meet up. This supplement offers an adventure that grants the party a closer relationship with the Elk Tribe so that when the time comes for the party to head to the Reghed Glacier, the Elk Tribe’s appearance feels less random and more like a debt repaid or a friendship earned.

This supplement provides an exciting mini-dungeon where the party can form a bond with the Tribe of the Elk and explore an iconic location in Icewind Dale, Evermelt. This adventure is meant to be playable at levels 5–7. Scaling suggestions for level 5 parties are included at the end of this document.

 This adventure also includes:

  • Adventure Hooks, that meld with the story of Rime of the Frostmaiden to get your players to this location.
  • A Dungeon and VTT-Ready Color Maps, custom-made for Evermelt both gridded and ungridded. 
  • Scaling for Legacy of the Crystal Shard. Planning to run Evermelt in Legacy of the Crystal Shard? No problem! You can use these maps and some of the challenges in this adventure to flesh it out further! 

Adventure Summary

The party seeks out the Elk Tribe for aid in their quest to end the Everlasting Rime. The shaman of the Elk Tribe explains that they want to reclaim a sacred site called Evermelt to use as a sanctuary during the unending winter. The Elk Tribe sends a warrior named Hengar to accompany the party on their mission to determine if Evermelt is safe and, if not, to eliminate threats that remain. 

At Evermelt, the party encounters undead remnants of the Bear Tribe that previously held Evermelt. After destroying the undead, an unexpected current sweeps up Hengar, sending him into the cave system beneath Evermelt. The party must skillfully navigate a dangerous waterfall to rescue Hengar. At the bottom of the waterfall, the party can continue exploring the cave system and discovers the bones of the long-dead dragon Icingdeath. At that moment, frost druids of Auril begin an unholy spell to raise Icingdeath from the grave. The party must defeat the frost druids quickly before Icingdeath becomes too powerful. Once Icingdeath and the druids are defeated, the party can make their way out a secret exit and return to the surface.

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