Lex Arcana RPG – The Cursed Centurion

Ave Custodes and Demiurges!

new adventure has been released for Lex Arcana!

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                                                                     THE CURSED CENTURION

Carnutum is a rather important military center in the northern part of the Danube Limes and is the scene of a strange murder, which took place within the permanent castra of the Legio XIIII Gemina:
the tribunus militum Ulpio Cornelio Urbano was found lying on his bed, stained with blood, with the wounds of a violent death and his face contracted in a grimace of terror.
The Custodes, given the gravity and urgency of the situation, decide to put their experience at the service of the legatus to shed light on the matter.

This PDF contains
• A 12-page adventure set in Carnutum, on the Danube Limes and around the surrounding area
• A brief battle against a new enemy beyond the limes: the Quadi people
• An in-depth description of the Cult of Nemesis and its devoted servant, antagonist of the Custodes

Per aspera ad astra!

Lex Arcana is an Historical-Fantasy Roleplaying in a Roman Empire That Never Fell

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