Libram Arcana Volume I: Constructs

“I have been informed by my wife that I should put quill to parchment and record my knowledge of the amazing worlds in which we live. I say worlds because my journeys and travels have taken me to existences beyond my home world of Kysie in the multiverse of the Prime Material Plane, let alone the other planes of the multiverse. And in those travels, I have encountered many strange and wondrous things, had tea with archmages of other worlds, and even fought foes that I had to chase across the boundaries of the planes themselves.” – Luth Stormwind, Archmage

Penned by the Archmage of Deepwood and founder of the Dweomerheart Academy of the Arcane, this is the first in a series of books chronicling the various creatures he has met in his travels throughout the multiverse. And it is all for use in your game!

Included in this title are:
49 Updated Constructs from previous editions, including the Brass Golem, Stained Glass Golem, Clockwork Horror, and terrifying Brain Golem.

30 Original Constructs, including a full section of construct familiars, the elven moonsteel stag, and the incredible Direforged.

The costs associated for PCs to create these constructs themselves!

I do hope you enjoy this book, and it brings new challenges to your home game.

And thank you!


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