Ready to run.. Blacksmith: The Triblade Smithy (5e)

Ready to run.. Blacksmith: The Triblade Smithy (5e) – is a ready to play and fully realised, location that can be dropped straight into your 5e game with no prep. 

Complete with all its staff, special items and maps for online or tabletop play. This fantastic location will offer up numerous story hooks, npc interactions, quests and possibilities both for the player and GM alike. 

The Triblade Smithy is run by three talented siblings and their young apprentices, producing beautifully forged and skillfully engraved weapons, armour, tools and more. 

Ready to Run…: will be an ongoing series of system agnostic locations that can be inserted into the towns, villages and cities of your game. Adding characterful depth and life to your campaigns at a moment’s notice.

Check back soon or follow us to get notifications of our future instalments in the series and several new series that will follow shortly. 

This product is priced at $1.40


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