Sea of Grass Battle Map – Launch

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Next month’s map ideas are in the works, I’ll finalize them over the weekend and let you know early next week. If you have any ideas you’d like to throw my way I’m happy to add them to our ideas document. Until then, thanks for the support, the messages, and the good vibes! Have a great weekend and as always happy adventuring! Now, does anyone have a scythe?


As you continue your journey the landscape changes. Tall grasses replace scrubland in a sea of green that stretches to the horizon. Rock formations break up the green, craggy islands that cast long shadows in the afternoon sun. The grass is so tall in places it obscures the surrounding landscape and encroaches onto the path, enclosing you in a narrow trench of deep shadows. Mots of fluff and pollen float on the breeze, creating a haze in the air, highlighting beams of sunlight that cut across the shade of the path.

The path is quiet except for the rustle of wind in the grass and the buzzing of insects. It’s not long however before you start hearing other noises. Furtive sounds of movement out in the depths of the green. Something large is moving out amongst the grasses. You stop talking, whatever it is, it seems to react to your voices. Everyone in your party is getting jumpy, you notice more than one of your companions resting their hand on a weapon. It seems at any moment something terrible will launch itself from the grass that surrounds you, the waiting is becoming unbearable. Over the tops of the grasses you spy a rock formation, it’s fairly close to the path. Your Ranger, walking at the head of the group, signals he wants to try and make for it. You shake your head slowly. Looking at you with a defiant expression he darts into the grass anyway. You curse under your breath and listen.

As skilled as he is, you can still hear him pushing his way through the grasses towards the safety of the rocks. You listen intently for a few more seconds until the rustling abruptly stops. Did he make it to the rocks? A scream ending in a gurgling sound suggests he probably didn’t. The rest of your party draws their weapons as the grass around you is filled with the sounds of movement, it seems you are about to find out what has been making the noises. You try to hold back a scream as something bursts from the foliage.

Notes and Tips

  • 30×30 Grid Map
  • This grassland map can have very tall grass that can obscure almost all sight when not on the path. Or it could be waist height, only obscuring things under 3 or 4 feet in height. Sucks to be a halfling 😛
  • The rock formations can make for a slightly safer place to defend yourself. But obviously, you need to reach the safety of them.
  • Monsters can ambush the party with ease as it’s almost impossible to know which direction they will attack from.
  • Make sure you are clear on surprise mechanics.
  • Have something breathe heavily just off the path to really spook the party.
  • Giant locusts or grasshoppers could be fun here. Have them climb up onto the rocks to sun themselves while the grasses are too tall for the party to see, then have them notice the next time the grasses are short enough to see over. By that time they are completely surrounded.
  • Wild boar could be a simple encounter here. Boar often forage in groups, if startled I’m sure they could do quite a bit of damage to a lowly band of young adventurers.
  • Have the grass sway and move as unseen creatures move through it.
  • Have the attackers coordinate through whistles or other calls. The party has a chance to work out what they mean and anticipate the directions of the next assault.


A Moonlight night – All version have day/night versions

Green, green everywhere but not a drop to drink! – No rocks

A desert path – for those of you that like to feel of sand between your toes

And a snow version – for those of you that like making your party suffer


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