Sinners of Chult – A Collection of Jungle Villains

Do you want to add more ‘looming threats’ to your Tomb of Annihilation campaign? 

Are you interested in having your players face off against a sarcastic vampire that’s in the jungle for some reason?

Are you interested in finding out WHY, in Ubtao’s name, there is a vampire in the jungle?

Even if you didn’t answer “yes” to any of these questions, you should check out ‘Sinners of Chult!’

This 12-page PDF contains four fleshed-out villains for you to slot into your Tomb of Annihilation(or any jungle-themed) campaign! It containst rich backstory, aspirations and motivations, fleshed-out weaknesses, and full-fledged stat blocks for all four of these wild characters! They can all serve as boss monsters, and they all range from CR4 up to CR8!

There’s a large amount of content (before converting it into Homebrewery, it was a 20-page google doc) stuffed in there, able to last you multiple campaigns and still use fresh material! It’s a steal, and I really suggest you check it out!

This product is priced at $4.00


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