The Cavern Baths (Public)

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The perfect place to relax after an adventure, or perhaps just a place to catch a well-guarded criminal or corrupt politician without the benefit of arms and armor. Let’s hope that the proprietors don’t have any plans to take advantage of a plucky group of adventurers, forcing them into combat au naturale.  This map mostly started so that I could play a prank on my players, but as I developed it, I realized it actually would be fun to change the dynamic of the party, that’s so used to putting their heavily armored fighters front and center, while the dextrous and magically gifted party contributed from behind a fighter’s heavy shield. Instead, without conventional weapons and armor, the mage’s mage armor and spells, and the rogue’s dex-based AC have even greater value.  Perhaps it will also provide your party with a night of good clean fun.


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