Townhouse Conuilh Clan

The Clan Conuilh townhouse is used by the laird when visiting the town. In his absence, it is managed by its administrator and guarded by clan warriors.The building is the setting in the adventure “Schattenspiele” of the German fantasy role-playing game Midgard.



A five level 31×31 battlemap with a day, evening, night and simple variant.

All four variants are included in the following form:

  • 200dpi PDF gridded map spread over A4 pages (for home printing)
  • 200dpi JPEG grid/gridless for VTT
  • 100dpi JPEG grid/gridless for VTT

 For Midgard, a grid represents one meter. As a result, some furniture, especially beds and some items, are larger than on a typical D&D battlemap. Nevertheless, any system can be played on these battlemaps, as the Midgard system also uses the usual 25/28 mm miniatures. The maps are also compatible with any VTTs such as FoundryVTT, Let’s Role or FoundryVTT.

Overview of all the variants:

Overview of all the variants:

Four exemplary Image excerpts (100 dpi):

Four Example excerpts

Example Tiered View of Version A (Day):



These Maps were created using the Assets from Forgotten Adventures.

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