Urban Manhunt Companion

The Urban Manhunt Companion is the first major supplement for the Urban Manhunt tabletop miniatures game. It contains:

  • Prowl rules that allow hunters to take a stealthy approach to the sport, sneaking into position to strike (or shoot) silently from the shadows.

  • Cinematic elevation rules for when combat occurs high above the ground. Take the fight to the crims on rooftops and gantries, creating movie-like combat sequences that will keep you on the edge of your seat.

  • Match alterations that change the way matches are set up and played out, from alternate hunter/crim deployment and hidden laser emplacements to cannibal mutants and randomized pod effects.

  • 58 new options for creating hunters (Extra Rules, Special Rules, Momentum Options and an all-new sub-category called Flaws).

  • A large selection of pre-made weapons to make hunter creation easier.

  • 10 new iconic hunters, including Lolly Pop, Caution, Phreon, Vaudekill and more.

  • 4 new crims for your hunters to eliminate… or be slain by: Shifty Scumbag, Trigger-Happy Mobster, Armored Thug and Entitled Suburbanite.

  • New game variants, including single-player mode, cardless mode and free-for-all mode.

  • Three helpful essays/articles, with topics that include using the hunter creation rules to construct more interesting hunters, strategies for eliminating the various types of crims and setting up zones that are more challenging and entertaining.

  • Amazing art from Patrick Sullivan, Brent Sprecher and Nolan Segrest.

  • Evocative fiction that pushes the game setting ever forward.

  • Much more!


    Urban Manhunt is an affordable tabletop miniatures game that depicts a blood sport of the near future, as seen through the lens of 1987. In this sport, highly-trained, over-the-top hunters compete against each other for points by eliminating criminals (or “crims”) in sectioned off areas of prison cities. The bloodier or more entertaining a kill is, the more points a hunter receives for it. The game offers a unique gameplay dynamic in which the players’ hunters don’t actually attack one another, despite being in direct competition. The game system itself controls the crims. You can urchase the core rulebook here: https://www.drivethrurpg.com/product/264435/Urban-Manhunt-the-Miniatures-Game?&affiliate_rem=35508

    This product is priced at $9.95


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