The fourth installment in MOTM’s mini-series of Rune Masters is Wenkarleos, a Lunar Tarshite noble and Rune Lord of the Seven Mothers. A confidante of King Pharandros of Tarsh, Wenkarleos provides the gamemaster with opportunities supporting adventures about the Tarsh Civil War between the patriotic heroes of King Pharandros, and the traitorous sons of General Fazzur Wideread.

In addition to describing Wenkarleos, this issue includes:

  • The Philigos Medallions, made by good King Phargentes to commemorate his brother’s death at the swords of Orlanthi assassins—an excellent Family Heirloom for adventurers from Lunar Tarsh!
  • Several supporting characters, including Wenkarleos’s lover Beautiful Orland, and the Pelorian sorcerer Darveya the Far-Seeing. Darveya is accompanied with notes and advice for playing a sorcerer in RuneQuest, applicable to gamemasters and players of sorcerer adventurers alike.

This supplement is designed to be useful for RuneQuest players who only have the core rulebook. However, you may also need The Red Book of Magic, from Chaosium. In addition, A Rough Guide to Glamour, also available on the Jonstown Compendium, provides additional background for Lunar cultures, and is thoroughly recommended.

About this Series: Monster of the Month is a series of bestiary entries for Chaosium’s RuneQuest: Roleplaying in Glorantha. In addition to statblocks and behavior, most issues include supplemental detail and advice for gamemasters and/or new adventurer options for players.

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