June’s Alt-Version Preview – Urban Necropolis

This material was posted on patreon by Heroic Maps

Time for a preview of June’s Alt-Version. If you recall, the MotM is the Forest Necropolis, a 30×30 ruined location, overgrown and forgotten.  The winning entry in the alt-poll was to transport it to an urban location, and have it also forgotten, but in the middle of a city.

Lovely idea!

So, we’ve taken the story of an old cemetery, slowly boxed in as the city grew and buildings were constructed, until the burials stopped and the site became a largely forgotten site behind the rows of houses.  

We’ve made it as a 50×50 map, giving you enough street for whatever approach you take. We’ve also mapped a 20×20 area beneath the necropolis featuring cellars, catacombs and sewers, ideal if you’re using the site for secret meetings! There’s also interiors for the intact mausoleums.

This will be in the June reward bundle 🙂


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