Oath of the Raven – A Ravenloft Paladin Subclass With 2 New Spells

The Oath of the Raven is a new paladin subclass and oath perfect for a campaign set in Ravenloft. Be a force of good in the Domains of Dreadwith the ability to turn into a raven, blast vitality into all allies nearby, and turn all light you create into sunlight. 

Perfect for a member of the Order of the Feather, even adding an option for those that do not wish to undergo lycanthropy to the order. 

Also with this subclass are two new spells: Holy Rain and Martyr.

  • Holy Rain is a 3rd level spell that damages fiends and undead with holy water that pours from the skies.
  • Martyr is a 5th level spell that ensures your death will not be in vain, with your deity intervening to aid your allies in your stead. 

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