The Dee Sanction: Ex Libris

In 1593, the Agents of Dee set out to Deptford in search of a lost remnant from the sacking of Mortlake, Dee’s home. The paper trail indicates the owner of a home in Deptford village received an annotated copy of The Book of Dead Names, and Dee wants it back.

The problem? He isn’t the only one who wants it.

The Dee Sanction is a tabletop role-playing game about serving Queen and country in the late Tudor period. While kingdoms vie for power and the Church splinters under the pressure of reform, folklorish creatures emerge from enforced hiding seeking revenge against those who imprisoned them.

The PDF includes a single A4 format, 2-page adventure, including a map of the adventure’s location and stats for the primary protagonist.

Written by Paul Baldowski. Illustrated by Evlyn Moreau and Paul Baldowski. Additional imagery by Walt Stoneburner.

Check out the Actual Play, below — from The Gauntlet Community — of the events portrayed in this adventure.

This product is priced at $1.41


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