Tomb of Sir Sivart

Sir Sivart was a great explorer who gained grand
repute from the kingdom. He worked for a long time as a
cartographer, and would join adventurers as a guide while
also continuing to map out the lands, and his maps have been
viewed far and wide as among the greatest of the current age.

Sir Sivart was an avid fan of surveying the land
from high above and plotting out concept maps from
high points before actually exploring them. To this
end, he forewent a classic adventurer’s weaponry, and
instead commissioned a pair of hooks to be enchanted
by a powerful caster to assist him in being able to get to
high places through his own physicality rather than by
simple flight. After many years of adventuring, Sir Sivart
retired, using the funds and title he’d obtained through his
several quests to build a manor on the cliffside of what he
considered his first great accomplishment; a dangerous
vertical mountain wall called The Sheer, thought to be
unclimbable until Sir Sivart conquered it and discovered
a mysterious locked room in a cave within the wall. Sir
Sivart remained in his manor, taking care of his family
and leading a fulfilling life, and after he was dead, he was
buried in a tomb constructed at the base of The Sheer,
wherein his legendary climbing hooks were also interred.

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