WHITEFRANK: The Stars Fell On Blackmoor


Even in a fairy tale, sometimes someone has to die.

Modern day survival horror in rural southern England

Blackmoor, Hampshire comes under assault by eldritch horrors, on The Night The Stars Fell. All that remains is a small group of Humans, their pet Dogs and Cats, and perhaps a few extraordinary individuals, sane or not, good or not, to try and survive.

The Stars Fell On Blackmoor is an adventure module. That means that this book is a story, able to be told by one player to the other players, or shared by more than one player and told around the table as a gaming session.

The plan is to follow the story provided, use the elements given and see how the adventures suggested play out. However, there are other approaches for which this book can also be used. The adventures can be disregarded or rewritten to suit a different story that the player want to tell.

Also this adventure is set in a post-disaster modern day world, where many of the fantasy races would not normally be appropriate. However a player might want a science fantasy game with those races included. That would require some changes of necessity. There are Story Elements provided as introductory material. This may be enjoyable to read when preparing to tell the story. They could also be read aloud. After each Story Element comes the challenge and rules for that part of the story. At the end, is the end of the Story Elements and the possible resolution. However, the whole point of WHITEFRANK is to tell your own stories in your own way. Therefore, all this adventure module ultimately becomes is a series of SUGGESTIONS to help you TELL YOUR OWN STORIES!

Blackmoor was where it all began.

THERE WERE INDEED EVENTS BEFORE, THAT HAD GONE UNNOTICED, but the truth is, it all began with Blackmoor.

Lots of maps, detailed mysterious alien? monsters, Time Travel rules and a Timestream Manipulation item, modern armor, items and weapons, floorplans and some victory conditions (such as they can be in survival horror).

For use with WHITEFRANK Rulebook, WHITEFRANK Item Catalogue. As with all WHITEFRANK electronic products, free updates forever. 🙂

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