Brancalonia – The Daily Jinx – 3 ENG

Brancalonia is a Campaign Setting for the 5th Edition of the most famous role-playing game ever.

THE DAILY JINX is a (not daily) official optional journal, expanding to the main game modules. It offers previews of the most important modules, new hints for adventure, exclusive contents, and 1 original Job for each issue.


– Brancalonia Bagatelles: 3 new adventure hooks, set in Spoletaria, Alazia, and Tasinnanta.
– Postalmarket: Superstician’s Red Horn, Guerlock’s Black Horn, and Caramel bath for armor.
– Poor Friars’ Ephemeris – Moon of the Catpard, Moon of the Gibbet, Moon of the Scolopendra.
– The Most-wanted Bounty Pack of Cards: Scab, the Two of Carafes.
– Old Barbanera’s Almanack: The Ternal Father and His Sign.
– Sister Altomanna’s Recipe: Boorish Coffee.
– Salty Sailor’s Misfit Tales: The Battle of the Be(ast)damns.

The Daily Jinx should be used together with the Brancalonia Campaign Setting, or just the Brancalonia Quickstart, and 5e rules.


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