Death Ship of the Roach Princess: Pathfinder 1st Edition Addendum

This product is a conversion addendum of Death Ship of the Roach Princess by Frog God Games. That product is required to use this addendum.

Death-Ship of the Roach Princess is an adventure in which the characters discover the terrifying mysteries of an interdimensional sailing vessel crewed by the cult of the Demon-Princess Teratashia, ruler of the gaps between realities. This plane-shifting, roach-infested, puzzle-laden adventure offers fabulous riches, but also offers a fate worse than death.

The adventure is for levels 1-3, and can be used as a freestanding scenario, or as either the prequel or the sequel to The Fiend of Turlin’s Well. ENNIE-award winning author Matt Finch is also well known for the Tome of Adventure Design and Swords & Wizardry.

Death-Ship of the Roach Princess features: 

  • A terrifyingly creepy ship with 15 encounter areas 
  • Two new monsters and a new hazard! 
  • An unexpected artifact of evil

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