Goblins Grabbed My Dice!

Three goblins climbing on each other to get diceGoblins Grabbed My Dice is a game where you play a team(?) of goblins that have snuck into a gaming convention somewhere in Middle America. Your goal is to steal the most precious jewel among goblinkind. Mathy rocks. Clickity clacks. Dice.

It is a fun one-shot game of zany hijinks, cartoon mischief, and chaotic silly gobbos. It’s about stuffing three goblins in a trenchcoat, running away from convention security, and getting into goofy trouble.

Recommended for 3-6 players, including the Gobmaster. Suitable for all ages.

FAQing Gobbos

Let’s get some questions out of the way first.

So, is this some kind of fantasy universe?

Nope, it’s a present-day Middle America city hosting a gaming convention. It’s our world. It won’t matter much. You won’t be leaving the sprawling convention center.

So, where do the goblins come from?

The Goblin Place.

But there aren’t goblins in our world.

You must not go to the same gaming cons that I do.

I’ve never seen any there.

Listen, you decided to read about this game, not me. You are playing goblins. They have big ears, big fangy mouths, and can maybe reach a grown man’s belt if they stand on their tippy toes. You are at a gaming convention in modern day America. You want to steal dice. That’s the premise, are you down to play?

Fine, fine. What do I need to play? 

  • Some paper for character sheets. 

  • Something to write with, preferably non-toxic crayons. 

  • One poor sod – errr – one valiant soul to gamemaster. Or in this case, gobmaster. 

  • A pile of d6s. 

If the words “character sheet”, “gamemaster” or “d6” don’t mean anything to you, I’m flattered that this is your first RPG you’ve decided to try. But find someone in a t-shirt with a 20-sided polyhedron hidden cleverly in the design and ask them. Or tweet @matthewmercer; I’m sure he’s not busy.

A mild dose of goofiness, a taste for cartoonish shenanigans, and a sarcastic understanding of geek culture is recommended but not required.

Glittler Goblin

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