Hydra Hunt

A terrible plague of monsters has started moving into the surrounding town of Pinepass. Each day that passes, new creatures encroach further into the fields and homes that lie on the outskirts of this region. It has fallen to the members of the Emerald Eye to protect the citizens of Pinepass. With their members stretched thin, rumors brought to Aranella Duskwalker, the guild’s leader, about a new threat stalking through the unexplored swamps has raised concerns. Without staff readily available, it falls on her to hire any willing group of adventures to investigate if there is any merit to these rumors. 

Hydra Hunt is a one off adventure that takes place in the small town of Pinepass and the swamps that lie to its southern border. This adventure is set in the world of Oranth that is fleshed out in the Knights of the Shadow Realm campaign setting and level 1-20 adventure, but it can easily be inserted to any game or setting. It is meant for a group of 3-6 players at levels 7-9 and contains several exciting elements, including:

  • A map of the town of Pinepass and the locations held within
  • Roleplay encounters with a handful of the town’s villagers including the leader of the Emerald Eye and owner of the General Wares shop, Kissek’s Provisions.
  • A unique exploration system that allows players to actually feel like they are investigating the region and stalking their prey.
  • A fully illustrated map of a hydra’s lair
  • A fleshed out dungeon with mutltiple unique encounters that include rescuing NPCs, a new monster, curses, custom magic items, and an intense combat against the hydra that dwells within.
  • A player friendlly version of the dungeon map that can be used with virtual table tops. 

There are several dangling plot threads left through this adventure that allows this to be a jumping off point for a much larger campaign. Suggestions on how to follow these threads are provided at the end of the adventure or you can create new and interesting concepts. That being said, the main story of this adventure is self contained and can easily just be a single game. Expected play time for this runs between 4-6 hours which makes for a fun night of adventuring and exploring for any party. 

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