Old Scroll 1

You stand before a white stone door, fitted into the dry riverbank like a plug. Carved onto the outside, but nearly worn away you see an image of a wolf leaping over a spear. That’s the symbol for Redwolf the conqueror, the greatest barbarian queen of her age. Could this be her lost tomb? 

Old Scroll ‘zine is dedicated to OSR gaming, featuring the Old School Essentials (OSE) ruleset.

This first issue delves into Redwolf’s Tomb, a new adventure for OSE which can be placed in any game setting. This module could be used as a location in a hex crawl, or a two or three session diversion. Once run, it could be expanded into other adventures depending upon the players’ interest in the story hooks presented within. Every effort has been made to allow a referee to easily integrate the adventure’s background, NPCs names, genders, etc. into an ongoing game.

GM-friendly layout: Encounter information can be found on one spread,  eliminating the need for page-flipping.


  • 36 page hyperlinked pdf
  • booklet printing pdf
  • maps files (unmarked map and map with GM notes)
  • VTT map file for use with your favorite virtual table top program (not required to play)


This product is priced at $4.99


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