Pulse-Pounding Pulp!

From globe-hopping tomb raids to gritty noir tales, masked vigilantes to occult detectives, PULSE-POUNDING PULP! delivers all the frantic action of the Dirty 30’s. Utilizing the rules-lite, cinematic Everywhen system (based on Simon Washbourne’s Barbarians of Lemuria), this setting book contains 41 new Boons and Flaws, 24 careers, and 6 fully realized adventures, as well as rules for weird science, psychic powers, vehicles, creatures, equipment, genre tweaks, and creating pulp heroes. 179 pages.

Adventures included:

+ Bring ‘em back alive—an Allosaurus, that is, from a lost world where titans still walk (Return to Dinosaur Island).

+ Quest for Incan gold in a mountain deathtrap, constructed for greedy conquistadors (Vault of the Condor).

+ Seek eternal you among the jungles of Southeast Asia, braving temples infested with flesh-eating monkeys (The Devil’s Wat).

+ Discover the fate of the world’s greatest crime fighter, by exploring his secret lair (The Demise of Doctor Enigma).

+ Investigate devilish doings in a sin-drenched, supernatural Tinsel Town (Hooray for Hellwood).

+ Survive a “pleasure” voyage on an ocean liner overrun with lethal snakes (Serpent’s Cruise).

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