The Game Master’s Book of Random Tables

Quickly build fascinating scenarios for your fantasy role playing game!

Welcome to The Game Master’s Book of Random Tables: A Collection of Quick Roll Tables for the Busy Game Master – your one-stop resource offering more than 80 quick roll idea inspiring tables to help you quickly create encounters, describe objects, build NPCs, add depth to your descriptions and much more for your favorite fantasy role playing games.

Each table can be mined for ideas and in many instances, can be used as random roll tables to quickly gives you details without needing to make a (perhaps time-intensive) decision. For even more rich scenarios, combine elements from several tables to build a rich, immersive experience for your players. Let the tables do the heavy lifting so you can concentrate on spinning a tale that will be remembered by your players long after the gaming session ends.

Whether the tables are used to spawn ideas you can flesh out or just quick descriptive bits to enhance the descriptions of game objects, conditions and moods, this massive volume is one you are sure to refer to again and again as you create and play your favorite fantasy role playing game.

What are you waiting for? It’s time to jump in.

Take any item from a list in this 150+ page tome, apply a little imagination, and let the adventure unfold.

May all your adventures be spectacular!

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