The Keep Chest

“A chest containing a pocket dimension keep interior, filled with forgotten oddities and stowaways. Drifting in an infinite plane of outer space and long abandoned by it’s original creators; the only way to access the keep is to slide into this chest (which is roughly the width of the average human, about knee high, and weighs a ton).

Peering into the open chest allows the viewer to see down through what appears to be a hole (the size of the chest’s opening) in the ceiling of a stone room, roughly 20 feet above the ground. Anyone that descends into this room is met with a deafening reverberation; no sound can be heard over this noise.”

What would a party of travelers do with this chest? What might be inside it? What is causing that awful noise?

Find out with a fully illustrated two panel map of the keep interior; along with a full panel of exclusive artwork featuring a pair of adventurers entering The Keep Chest. Ten numbered rooms, an encounter table, and a treasure table help bring this trifold pamphlet to life in your next fantasy tabletop roleplaying game session!

  • Folded trifold pamphlet format (six panels total)
  • Measures 8.5″ x 11″ when printed
  • System neutral


This product is priced at $2.99


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