Thunderscape Archetypes: The Entomancer

Even among the varied cultures of the Known Lands, the Entomancers are an oddity. Able to summon, speak with and command hordes of insects both great and small, they possess a form of magic that makes others distinctlly uncomfortable. The nation of Kyan is maintained by their power, and the legendary Insect Riders are respected throughout the world of Aden for their power and martial prowess, not to mention the gigantic hornets on which they ride into battle!

This third installment in the Thunderscape Archetypes series brings the most iconic roles from the World of Aden to Savage Worlds: Adventurer Edition! All the material that was printed for Entomancers in our original Savage Thunderscape core book for Explorer Edition has been revised and updated for Adventure Edition, and we’ve added so much more! New Edges of every type, new weapons, new armor, new magic items, and more, all packaged together with enough background on the Entomancers to play them in whatever campaign world you want, or to bring the World of Aden to life at your table!

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