A Mystical Forest Pond, Eluardian Wood (35×35)


In the deepest reaches of the Myrrh lies the sacred Eluardian Wood, a dense and dizzying forest rumored to be enchanted with the souls of dragons. This supernatural forest is revered by the Moltanian elves for its bountiful resources and mystical fortune. However, the forest proves a dangerous place for all other races, and is said to drive even the fittest of mind to madness.  What sort of secrets lie in this vibrant and fanciful clearing?

This map pack includes 6 high-quality JPEG images in the following variants:

spring, night, and “fey” | gridded and gridless | 70 DPI

NOTE: 70 DPI is the optimal resolution for use with Roll 20.

This map pack and the packs within are currently for personal use only.