Dark Age: Otherworld – Frontiers Of Arran

Dark Age: Otherworld – Frontiers of Arran is a Solo Story Adventure. The premise for the story, along with the endgame of the protagonists, is included along with a brief  description of the setting and circumstances. The descriptions are provided for the purpose of immersion only.

Merlin’s Portal gave an entry point for Species long-forgotten, some of whom pre-date the existence of Humans on Gaia. The Gabharun people, akin to the satyrs and fauns of folklore, returned to their homeland on the Isle of Arran after centuries of dwelling in the Otherworld. Having risen as a people, there are those who eye them jealously, especially in a time of turmoil across the British Isles.

The Story is your own to tell, and your Character is yours to play.



In 1105 Logmar Gudrodarson, King of The Isles, lay on his deathbed. Though the Norse-Gaels were no stranger to the Otherworld, they woefully underestimated the connection between Merlin’s Portal and Machrie Moor – the standing stones at the Isle of Arran.

 When Merlin’s Portal provided a stable connection with the Otherworld, so too did Machrie Moor fulfil it’s ancient purpose – to return the Gabharun people to their homeland. The first Humans to interact with the Gabharun on the Isle of Arran recognised them as the satyrs and fauns of legend. The leader of the Gabharun clans, Zioza Reini, found very quickly that her people were expected to offer tribute to King Logmar. It seemed as though the Gabharun were to be treated as entertainers and cheap labour at best, and a source of derision and suspicion at worst. Zioza declared her intent weeks into arriving at Arran. Gaodo Bheinn (the mountain known as Goat Fell) was considered to be the Gabharun ancestral home on Gaia, dating back prior to the Bronze Age Collapse. Zioza and her people would settle there and be recognised as an independent nation.

 When word reached King Logmar that the entirety of the Gabharun were setting up a caravan to Gaodo Bheinn, he decided to act swiftly. Leading an army of two thousand warriors he sought to crush the Gabhuran on the road and subjugate those who surrendered. Logmar had no idea that the caravan he pursued was merely a projected illusion. Deep in the Forest of Arran and without a rear-guard, the illusion held fast as Logmar’s forces traversed a ravine in pursuit of an enemy that remained tantalisingly unreachable. Zioza led the charge that disorientated Logmar’s army, sending them into disarray. As his men scattered and made for the coast, Logmar was left fighting to his last breath. Zioza defeated a wounded Logmar in single combat. With his last breath he cursed Zioza’s name, and vowed that his spirit would haunt the Gabhuran people until the closing of the veil at Merlin’s Portal.

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