Hatter Class

Want to be mad as a hatter? Want to run with scissors and cast spells even you may have forgotten you put atop your head? Then this is the class for you. The hatter is a limited class option from our archives, which means that it has no archetypes. As a result its class traits are generally more punchy to make up for that difference. This class is not balanced and cannot truly be balanced without removing its unique charms. This class would be excellent for a one-shot with some allowances from a DM, and would also fit in well in campaigns with a sillier bent.

The hatter practices vancian spellcasting, which is to say that the number of each spell you can cast is limited by the contents of your hat stack, as well as the order of that stack. You cast each spell from your hats in the order you put them on your head. To make up for this randomness, the hatter enjoys some martial prowess as well as extra attack.

Bring an element of whimsy to your next D&D game with the Hatter class! Worst come to worst, we promise it won’t be boring!

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