Seidkona Saga: Wizards of the High Tower

For generations, the Seidkona have used the power of Freyja to watch over and guide the

world. Now, a great evil hunts them and will stop at nothing until the eradication of the

Seidkona is complete. Svala, the young prodigy destined to become a Seidkona, is the last

hope of resistance against the dominion of evil and you, her guardian, are all that stands

in defiance of the eradication of the Seidkona. To master the ancient powers of Freyja,

she must reach the sacred shrine. But she cannot make it alone, for the journey is long

and perilous. She looks to you to protect her and prevent the world from plunging into


Wizards of the High Tower, the first chapter of the Seidkona Saga trilogy, is a 5e campaign

for both solo and co op adventurers without the requirement of a DM. This module takes

you from level 2 to level 8 and uses the 5e Standard Reference Document and core rules.

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