The Mineralogy Manual

Every sword that is made, every piece of armor that is fitted, every bolt crafted to be fired from a crossbow, is only possible when the correct components are pulled from the earth. It is often dwarven miners and smiths that pull and combine all of this into the tools that adventurers need to save the realms. While adventures may dive deep with the earth and see the true wonders beneath the surface. While most may desire to live in the sun, there are many who wish to dwell and thrive underground.


Now GM’s and Players alike can:

–          Find the treasures of the earth including Elements, Minerals, Rocks, and Soils.

–          Learn Crafting of the Earth with gemstones, crystals, ores, metals, and unique mechanics.

–          Discover the hollowing of the earth with mines, miners, and the dwarven cities within the earth.

–          Learn of the children of the earth like the dwarven clans, unique locations, and dungeons.

–          Dive into the earth and a collection of 137 pages of dungeons themed around dwarves.

–          Actually, learn and immerse oneself with a 2000 word ready to use dwarven language.


The Mineralogy Manual is a world-building guide to provide Game Masters and Players with the tools to craft their worlds from the ground up (quite literally). The focus of this book is the ground on which we stand – the earth itself and all the wonders it contains. In this 568-page tome, you will find the most comprehensive collection of every component of the earth and has been designed to be extremely easy to learn and use for any tabletop role-playing game, or the foundation for any type of fiction. It can be a fun addition to your long-running game or the start of a brand-new short adventure.

This product is priced at $52.25


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