WHITEFRANK: Hillside Thickets

Hillside Thickets…

Combining Lovecraftian horror, science fiction, cyberpunk, time travel, an isolated island setting, post-industrial horror, exploration and some puzzles, as well as vicious wilderness encounters and surfing with sharks, Hillside Thickets is a female focused modern day adventure setting campaign sourcebook.

Numerous charts, completely described and mapped Mansion with two storeys above ground and three dungeon levels below, High tech monsters, Undead monsters, vicious wild animal challenges, cool new modern equipment, a seaplane, a sailing ship, and a whole lot more.

Also features wonderful CGI art accompanying the densely packed chapters.

Updates some character classes, expanding mutant powers, an origin chart for how characters will first be drawn into the murderous mysteries on Otagaba Island, and the many dangers at every turn.

Also features a Legends and Lore section detailing Mythos and non-Mythos books and manuscripts that appear in play and are wonderful additions to the story in their own right.

Due to the horror, occult and adult concepts in this book it is not recommended for children. Young Adult reading level or above is recommended. Of course families playing the stories in this book will be under parental supervision in any event and that is a matter for parents to use their best judgment in relation to.

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