Nothing But Net

“How do I begin to talk about a career that is known by so many as the most disastrous in the circles of semi-professional Tennis?

“Through the decades, there have been many who tried to uncover exactly what it was that forced my hand so many times and even more who asked why I never – if you’ll excuse the pun – truly gave up on this dreadful racket.

“In this, my first and only autobiographical work, I’ll recount each major moment of my career – the near misses, the dizzying highs, the crushing lows. Reader, I warn you; this is a cruel game and I have suffered more than most.” – Rick ‘Nothing But Net’ Lawes

Nothing But Net – A Tennis Autobiography is a GMless game for 1 or more players, spanning the career of semi-professional Tennis’ biggest underachiever – Rick ‘Nothing But Net’ Lawes.

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