The Elemental Trials: Water

Spread throughout the world are a series of chambers where brave souls can go to test themselves against the raw power of nature itself. These are the Elemental Trials.

The Elemental Trials are a series of four-room dungeons, meant to be easily slotted into any campaign or run as self-contained adventures.  They are designed for characters level 8-10. Each Trial tasks the party with demonstrating aptitude in three Tests, designed around the facets of the element they wish to conquer. Once the Tests are complete, they must prove themselves against the guardian of the Trial to recieve their boon.

Adaptability, Mystery, Intensity.¬†These are the facets that the party must demonstrate a mastery over in order to complete the Trial of Water. Complete with three Tests, a custom boss, and top-down maps, this mini dungeon is a multi-faceted, self-contained challenge for your party with rewards they’ll love!

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Coming Soon: The Trials of Ice and Air!

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