The Oracle Issue 11

Just as all characters are better equipped when they have a bag of holding, a potion of healing and a sunrod, a GM is better equipped when supplied with a steady stream of new material and ideas.

And that’s what we have for you here.

This month we bring you, in one fully illustrated PDF the following system-neutral Fantasy RPG material:

  • Game Advice – Underwater adventures including Options for Breathing Underwater
  • Aquatic Tavern Name Generator – over 1000 options!
  • 1 NPC Organisation providing details of 5 pirate outfits and one anti-pirate one!
  • 5 Detailed NPCs with Adventure Hooks
  • 8 Things to See (At Sea!)
  • Article on using someone being Marooned as story content
  • 3 New Magic Items with considerable detail
  • 1 Deity – Goddess of the Waves and Deep Waters, including a festival and prayers
  • Exclusive interview with fantasy artist Edward Yorke
  • 1 Sub-class compatible with 5e DnD
  • 12 Adventure Hooks
  • 20 Trinkets and Treasures
  • 5 Location including a coastal village with corresponding map
  • Picture Prompt – designed to get you thinking creatively

Our inspiration goes back to the early years of White DwarfDragon and Dungeon Magazines as well as other less well-known titles like Ares and Level-Up.

Fully Illustrated

Have a look at the quick preview and you will see the great range of images inside!





Why System-Neutral?

Because we personally play multiple games and systems, and so do virtually all the DMs and GMs that we know. By making it system-neutral, we can focus on strong storytelling without getting hung up on the mechanics and conversions across game systems. (You can read this content and use it at the gaming table inside of five minutes.)

And, let’s face it – if we featured even just the top three fantasy RPGs, that would leave out a whole bunch of others.

So, we are embracing them all with clever, interesting, story-rich material that people can easily convert to their desired system.

We have been developing our format for over three years, and we are confident that you will find it entertaining and useful, regardless of the fantasy RPG system you use.

Professionally Edited

Our editor is Jane Spencer, a qualified editor and proofreader with over two decades of editing, publishing and literary project management experience. (She’s also an RPG gamer and a lovely person!) And last, but not least, we are ably assisted by a number of player testers, content providers and technical advisers.

Modern Format

Created in a modern landscape format making it idea for reading on tablets, laptops and smart phones.

100% Guarantee

We have every confidence that any fantasy RPG fan reading the magazine will find it both entertaining and useful. However, if we’ve gotten that wrong, if you find that it is neither entertaining nor useful – then we will give you your money back without any fuss, argument or hassle.

You can’t say fairer than that can you?

This product is priced at $9.31


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