Airships Mechanics

Introducing a brand new set of airship mechanics designed for simplicity and ease of use by an adventuring party with no additional crew.

Created for a solarpunk world, these airships use naturally floating wood and sails from the elemental plane of air, giving airships that can be operated by a single pilot.

This product includes:

  • Airship History: a brief histry of airships and the technologies behind them to help you situate them in the world
  • Airship Designs: 3 sizes of airships – the small nimble keelboat, the versatile galley, and the powerful lumbering cargo ship 
  • Piloting the Airship: full details for how to pilot the airship (turning, changing angle of elevation, and modulating speed) and how to handle emergency or crash landings
  • Airship Pilot Background: characters who have experience working on airships in trade and who have proficiency with air vehicles
  • Upgrades: 4 magic items to improve the airship – sails that will only work at your command, reinforcements to the hull, and 2 controls to allow telepathic control of the airship

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This product is priced at $7.10


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