Elder Brain Coral

Elder brains are are the same species as mind flayers. When a tadpool from an elder brain brine pool turns into an ulitharid, they either serve the elder braion or leave to become an elder brain themselves. In the latter case, if the banished ulitharid has been injured its transformation into a an elder brain stops short and it becomes an elder brain coral.

Elder brain coral live mostly in saltwater but can survive in freshwater or on land. Their surface becomes calcified, providing it innate protection. Their tentacles are short and stunted. They rarely have mindflayers as servants but can use their potent psionic abilities to manipulte creatures that invade their territory.

Most elder brain coral spend most of their lives in isolated locations, meditating, focused on puzzles and mysteries that they have encountered. When sentient creatures enter their proximity, they often try to telepathically read them in order to look for new mysteries to solve.

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