Frag Maps just shared: “The Hospital Trauma Ward”

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This battle map focuses in on the emergency wing of the hospital, an area where patients who are in a critical condition get air-lifted to. The helipad leads down to the trauma ward via a pair of elevators.

Note: I planned this map to be used in conjunction with the Skyscraper Helipad map and also the Trauma Team AV.


I’d like to quickly thank two of my long-term supporters TinyTaters and Hyriu33 for helping me get over my analysis paralysis (which happens more often than not) with some late-stage design ideas. Thanks guys, you’re champions in my book. 

Map Definitions 

At the center of this battle map lies both the surgery theatre and the pre-operation room. The round cylinders you see in the pre-op room can be anything your cyberpunk or sci-fi campaign needs them to be. Personally, I’d view them as cryo-stasis pods/tubes – patients who are in a critical condition get placed here to keep them alive, while they await operation. I’m sure you guys will come up with some interesting scenarios around those objects! 

That curved structure next to the cryo-stasis tubes, is the sterilization chamber. The medical staff would typically walk under the structure to get sanitized before entering the operation theatre. Alternatively, you can treat it as some sort of x-ray machine or scanner. Useful when trying to find out if a party member has internal bleeding etc.

The four medical beds located against the north wall of the map, defines the ward’s triage zone. Another area where less critical patients come to get treated for their wounds or prepped for surgery. This zone can also be treated as a recovery bay if you so wish. 

The door to the north west, leads to another trauma ward, and the door at the south east, leads to a general part of the hospital. The other rooms to note are: reception desk, break room and the locker room.


This map pack comes with quite a few variants. The base color scheme has a very cyberpunk feel to it. Thus, I’ve included the “Clinically Green” map variant, for those of you who want a more generic style of emergency ward.


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