Funglopean – Player Race

Ask someone to name the largest beings in existence and they’ll generally list giant land beasts like the tarrasque or colossal sea titans like the kraken. What few realize is these creatures are dwarfed by a species of gargantuan fungus. The reason they don’t know is because these fungi work to keep their existence a secret.

Known as moguses, these beings value their privacy above all else. In aide of maintaining it, they spawn bipedal creatures called funglopeans to act as their agents. Although they begin life as manifestations of their mother fungus, some become fiercely independent beings of their own.


  • Funglopeans move through life undetected by using their spores to instill minor hallucinations.
  • Moguses spawn funglopeans for specific purposes, and because of this there are five specialised racial variants.
  • Elemengi – stronger funglopeans who can instruct their spores to burst and cause elemental damage.
  • Magic Mushroom – charismatic funglopeans who can temporarily blind opponents by making them hallucinate.
  • Necrosporer – intelligent types who use their spores to add illusory shrouding to the corpses they resurrect.
  • Stoolroamer – dextrous folk with bonuses for Stealth and Perception.
  • Mogus Missionary – wise shrooms who worship the mother fungus that spawned them.
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