Grimmworld Player Deck

For our Regency-era dark fantasy RPG, Grimmworld, we wanted a deck of playing cards that resembled cards of the era, but with modern trim and coating for durability. We couldn’t find a Regency-era replica deck on the market that wasn’t merely printed on uncoated card stock, so we sourced vintage French art from the late 1700s and put together this deck for all your Georgian/Napoleonic/Regency-era gaming needs. Although not suitable as an historically-accurate film prop (due to the UV coating and decorative back), this deck is otherwise faithful to the art and layout of the period.

  • 52 card, standard-suit poker deck (hearts, spades, clubs, diamonds; ace thru king)
  • No jokers, no numbers, no corner indices (all of which are Victorian additions)
  • Comes with a 5-seal card back design, each seal corresponding to a different hermetic order in the Grimmworld RPG: Ordo Antiquis, Ordo Divina, Ordo Libertas, Ordo Lux, and Circulus Praesidium

This product is priced at $10.00


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