Gunsmith (An Artificer Specialization For The Aspiring Gunslinger)


Metal, fire, gunpowder, and blood combined with the smell of singed hair and skin resulted in the adept marksman you’ve become today. This new technology harms your enemies greatly, but can take its toll on you as well. Experimentation and tinkering with what exists already has borne alternate options that few others have even conceived of.

It is with great patience or great malice you’ve taken this path, and with great trial and error you will learn to respect the responsibility you hold.


Gunsmith is heavily inspired by the Gunslinger subclass from the incredile Matthew Mercer and Taliesin Jaffe. As such, I have no intent of making any money from it, and acquiring this sublass will always be free. Thank you for your support!


This subclass needs a lot more playtesting before I make a version I would even remotely consider final. Any comments on balancing this subclass are appreciated.

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