Hennenridge and The Abandoned Mine

The remote village of Hennenridge is a cold, dour, and forboding place. What was once a prospering mining community has seen hard times with the closure of its mines. those who remain live off of hop of a big score that the many before them have missed or are resigned to live in the diminishing community. While the villages is done with the old mines, however, one of the old mines is not finished with Hennenridge. For the last month or so monstrosities and other horrible creatures have come forth from the depths of one old mine in particular. While a proud and tough lot, the people of Hennenridge are miners, not warriors, and risk losing what little they have to forces to awful and powerful for them to overcome. What the people of Hennenridge need is a little hope and good luck, could the you and your companions be that hope?

Included in this supplement:

The Village of Hennenridge with 5 places of interest, 5 interesting NPC’s, and two adventure hooks.

The Abandoned Mine, a complete challenging adventure suitable for a party of 5st level adventurers.

Hennenridge and the Abandoned Mine can be used together or seperate and are appropriate for use in your Forgotten Realms or setting neutral game.

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