I Remember When All This Was Trees

You’ve always felt…you’ve always known that you were different. Not entirely of this realm. Now, you can confirm it, and strengthen your ties to this other realm.¬†

This collection of instructions, suggestions, poems and writings will immerse you and allow you magick to reconnect with your true form.

In the forest, in the country, in the city, you can always connect. Find the beauty, be the beauty. You are the magick.

You’re half awake, half in a dream: one form, in two places. You are from some other where, some other how.

There is enough violence in the world; we have been filled with sadness and despair and terror. We wanted to bring something different to Zine Quest 3, something magickal, something personal, something reflective.

This experience is a challenge to you, and perhaps your friends. Go out into the world and be magick, live magick, spread magick. We believe in you. We believe the world needs more magick. You can be that magick. Lyrical, journal, live-action, solo, group.

How do you, how can you, exist removed from your ethereal home?

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