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Shock Team ready for any call from anyone with a paid subscription. They are said to be specialists in healing even the dead. Don’t wait, pay the Platinium subscription and no situation will surprise you.

S.A.T. 9 unit is a group of specialists in organized crime, anti-terrorist actions and cyber crimes. Each of the members of this team underwent different training, integration took place at the unit level. They operate on the edge of the law, often exceeding it.

Kuroshi – this is the result of an experiment to create a superhuman, resistant to pain, loyal and super tough. They are part of the SEP program and few know about its existence. They are perfect killers.

Additionally, for all fans of fights in the city, a map prepared for this purpose in various formats.

In a moment you will be able to download an 2nd tier Reward for 6 months of continuous support for our team. The test prints are already done, the last corrections in the supports and it’s coming to you. Take a look at the 1st Tier Reward on the left : ).

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