Party of Two just shared 12 new images: “City Maps 14”

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In this next part of this month’s update, we’ve got the northeastern section of the city, with paths that lead out of the city, plus hints of views in the distance!

Also included in this one is a black market street where the exotic merchandise sits caged at the end of the street. 

A seal lies halfway down the street to camouflage the real goods from prying eyes, and the variations play out this story. There’s one where fog conceals the way forward, and another subtler one that replaces the path with a dead end. Creepy crawlies and the glowing goo peeks out from within the bars, for deal-seekers who make it that far!

Also included in this set is an infirmary/sanatorium, for adventurers on the trail of magical outbreaks. The northern, pleasant wards, naturally lead to bloodier views:

And that wraps up this set! Do stay around for the final set!


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